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had a great time in london. thanks to the nice people that came out to see me and said hello. i'll be playing mutek, montreal's electronic music festival, on thursday, may 31 at 1:20 pm as part of café électronika 2. its actually a live webcast, so i'll be playing from a secret location in toronto. how about that, eh?

i'm back after 3 weeks in australia. it sure was nice to miss the miserable march weather in toronto. a couple bits of minisystem news: i'm playing a show in london, ontario at the alex p keaton pub on saturday, april 21st with prhizzm and esmon. also, there is a nice review of madinglely in grooves magazine (one of my favorite electronic music magazines).

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about me:
i live in toronto, canada. i make electronic music. i really like analogue synthesizers and drum machines. i have a myspace page, where you can listen to some of my music.

you can email me at 'jeff [at] minisystem dot ca'