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yep, it sure has been a while since my last update. had a cool time back on may 31st streaming a set to mutek from the back room of the biochemistry lab i work in. most recently, i just finished a mix for the modyfier blog with my good friend basic_sounds. she picked the tracks and i mixed them together. its the third one we've done and i think this one is the most kick-ass. engaging, melodic, driving techno perfectly suited to the armchair dance enthusiast.

musically, i haven't been up to much this summer, preferring instead to cook, eat, drink and swim summer days away. hopefully this autumn and coming winter will see me back in the studio...

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about me:
i live in toronto, canada. i make electronic music. i really like analogue synthesizers and drum machines. i have a myspace page, where you can listen to some of my music.

you can email me at 'jeff [at] minisystem dot ca'