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my friend basic_sounds and i have compiled her selection of 2009's best techno into a mix, 'organic winter'. the 'vulnerabilities + consequences' 12" is now available directly from unrecognized as well as through itunes, emusic, beatport and other digital download sites. my studio is up and running and i'm making music again. happy 2010!


for the first time ever a minisystem track is being pressed on vinyl. the unrecognized releases 'vulnerabilities & consequences', a 12" vinyl ep featuring solvent, lowfish, goudron, beta evers and gd luxxe this november. my studio is still out of commission. in fact, it's covered in drapery for the foreseeable future while we renovate. also, i'm quitting my job to stay at home full time to care for my 10 month old son. whether or not this results in more or less minisystem remains to be seen.


on saturday june 6 i'll be playing a show with solvent and bartek kawula (plus djs cozmic cat and rock steady drew) to present a series of dance floor-oriented remixes commissioned by the canadian music centre. i've remixed submissions from music centres in britain, sweden and denmark. fully half of my set will be brand new music! the 'remix concert' is at the rivoli (332 queen street west), doors open at 9:30 pm and there is a $5 cover. unrelated news: i'm moving downtown and will sadly have to decommission my studio until the autumn. minisystem is now on twitter!


big news! i had a kid. he's two months old now and i like him a lot. we've been making some electro in the studio. more big news! i just finished a mix with my friend and techno blogger basic_sounds. This is our fourth mix in the last 3 years and I think it's the best one yet. i've been up to some nerdy electronics things as well. i spent a good chunk of last summer designing and building a bicycle dynamo powered lithium ion battery charging system. This past autumn i self-sourced the parts for a x0xb0x tb-303 clone, which, with the arrival of my son, is taking much longer to finish than i thought.


had a great time playing wavelength last sunday. even managed to sort of finish a new track for it. david waldman took some astonishing photos of everyone that night.


oh yes. 2008! i meant to do a 2007 in review but forgot. even though it technically came out in 2006, my personal electro heroes and muses solvent and lowfish both listed madingley in their 2007 top tens, which was a real honour.

it has been a while since i've posted any minisystem news, but now i finally have a few tidbits. still struggling in the studio, but things are happening slowly. the most recent (albeit completely unnecessary) addition is a dave smith instruments prophet 08, which i like very much. otherwise, i seem to have become preoccupied with bicycles, which has admittedly been digging into music time. pictured above is my newly finished 1975 motobecane 'le champion', built up by the friendly people at cycle therapy in leslieville. hardcore bike nerds might note that the restored paint job is not to the original specifications of a 'le champion' and is, in fact, a semi-authentic reproduction of the 'team champion' colour scheme, but with some extra fancy decals and details. in any case, i can't wait until spring to ride it.

ok, enough about bikes. I have a show coming up at wavelength on sunday, march 23. i hope you can come out!

p.s. the show in london back in december was a party and a half. thanks to all you londoners who came out and got drunk and jumped around.

ok, its already november. two pieces of news. first, i'm playing a show with prhizzm and b kawula at the alex p keaton in london again on saturday december 8. second, i'm slowly but surely getting back into the studio. thus far the product seems to be bleepy electro/techno as opposed to the more synthesizer pop tracks on madingley. the picture is a mosaic of photos i took of my studio a year ago, painstakingly stitched together by a tbeals79 from em411.


yep, it sure has been a while since my last update. had a cool time back on may 31st streaming a set to mutek from the back room of the biochemistry lab i work in. most recently, i just finished a mix for the modyfier blog with my good friend basic_sounds. she picked the tracks and i mixed them together. its the third one we've done and i think this one is the most kick-ass. engaging, melodic, driving techno perfectly suited to the armchair dance enthusiast.

musically, i haven't been up to much this summer, preferring instead to cook, eat, drink and swim summer days away. hopefully this autumn and coming winter will see me back in the studio...

had a great time in london. thanks to the nice people that came out to see me and said hello. i'll be playing mutek, montreal's electronic music festival, on thursday, may 31 at 1:20 pm as part of café électronika 2. its actually a live webcast, so i'll be playing from a secret location in toronto. how about that, eh?

i'm back after 3 weeks in australia. it sure was nice to miss the miserable march weather in toronto. a couple bits of minisystem news: i'm playing a show in london, ontario at the alex p keaton pub on saturday, april 21st with prhizzm and esmon. also, there is a nice review of madinglely in grooves magazine (one of my favorite electronic music magazines).

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about me:
i live in toronto, canada. i make electronic music. i really like analogue synthesizers and drum machines. i have a myspace page, where you can listen to some of my music.

you can email me at 'jeff [at] minisystem dot ca'